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Call for Applications: Mediating Italy in Global Culture

Organized and hosted by the Dipartimento delle Arti, University of Bologna
in collaboration with Brown University, Dickinson College, and Wesleyan University

Deadline: May 10, 2018, at 11:59 PM
Open to: Graduate and Post Graduate Students with a background in Media Studies, Italian Studies, Film Studies, American Studies, Cultural Production, and similar degrees

How to Apply


In its first edition, the summer school “Mediating Italy in Global Culture” intends to provide a selected group of graduate and post-graduate students with a set of tools and materials useful for understanding and studying the forms of distribution, circulation and reception that “mediate” the Italian audiovisual and media culture in other national contexts, primarily in the United States.  Furthermore, this experience will give students the opportunity to present and discuss their research with their peers and faculty.

During this one-week summer school, lectures, meetings and seminars will address the most common media imageries commonly related to Italy, their reworking by the cultural industries and the grassroots work of fans and opinion leaders. Furthermore, this school investigates also the consumption of said imagery of Italy by both general/mainstream audiences as well as more defined and targeted ones. The focus will be on the dense and intertwined ties that film, television, and media products establish with a broader perception of the Made in Italy, shaped also by other sectors (as cooking, fashion or design). The US, especially, play an important role in constantly rereading and re-framing the image of Italy in the world, through forms of mediation and popularization of national audiovisual and cultural content, thus overlapping and amalgamating their reading with the Italian “original” identity.

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Pubblicato il 23 marzo 2018